Cooking should never be intimidating, and yet people feel otherwise thanks to extravagant food shows. People feel as if they fail because their dish doesn’t look perfect.

What they do not tell you is that TV chefs have a prep team who slices, devices, and chops everything to perfection. If they slosh something while cooking, well they stop filming to clean up and start again. Have you ever seen a messy island from a chef on TV chopping things? Have you ever seen anyone burn anything? Well, guess what? Messes happen in the kitchen and so do burns and oops and this is where you can learn to fix a burn and oops! Welcome to reality!

No one should ever feel food shamed because their dish does not look picture perfect. For example, Motor Oil is used to make a hamburger look juicy in commercials! Ice Cream is replaced by Crisco because under the studio lights melt ice cream fast! DO NOT JUDGE YOURSELF BASED UPON AN ILLUSION! Mistakes are how we learn! and it’s okay! I will even share my mistakes with you.

No fancy cooking terms like deglazing which simply means to remove the crunchies from the bottom of a pan with liquid. If there is something you do not understand simply contact me and I’ll be happy to help! 

Check back for more recipes!