Our Products

Our Spices and Rubs are made from Organic and Kosher ingredients. We do NOT use any Gluten, MSG, Fats, Preservatives, Additives, or Fillers – just pure spices!

KETO-FRIENDLY OPTIONS. That means there is Zero Sugar or Carbs.

Keto people: If you see a rub that you would like to try that contains sugar, contact us and we can use Erythritol instead. Erythritol is the only sugar alternative that we use as it is safe for humans and hounds, but seriously it is the safer alternative for people with sugar issues. Extra costs will occur.

When we use Salt we ONLY use Kosher Sea Salt.

If you see a spice blend that contains salt and you are salt-free please send us a message and we will let you know if we can take the salt out. Of course some we can not remove the salt from like Hickory Smoked Garlic Salt.

Pancake and Brownie Mixes are made from fresh Milled Organic Beans. We add no perspectives or any nasty fillers no gums gars or the x-word!

We carry different varieties of Teas from Back to Green to Decaf to Herbal Blends. Our Herbal Blends Custom Blends are exclusive to Coonhound Hollow and created by Julie herself.

My Lady - Adult Jelly

Adult Jellies

The Adult Jellies are made from alcohol, but the alcohol does cook out. They are designed for many things, such as cake fillings, a Charcuterie Board, to be thinned down and used as a glaze on meats, for cooking, your biscuits, and more. There is a lot of uses for our jellies. Yes, we do carry nonalcohol jellies too!

Gift Baskets

Baskets By Beth

Create your own special Gift Basket from many of our products and baskets to choose from Baskets By Beth @ Coonhound Hollow will be happy to customize one just for you.

Our Breads

Scratch Bakery

We make EVERYTHING from scratch! Made to Order using REAL ingredients! Our Sour Starter is made Old School using freshly milled grain in it. Our Honey comes from our local Farmers Markets. We use organic grains in our whole grain breads and mill them that day. Real Buttermilk in our old school Buttermilk bread. Freshness you can taste.

Our Family

Keep an eye out for new products. Thank you!