Unfortunately today we made the hard decision to raise our prices.

We are so sorry that we had to do that ,. Our Organic Garlic is costing us 100$ for 25 lbs  All of our Spices have gone up . even during covid it was half of that! We could of  bought a lower quality of Garlic and  and buy cheaper ingredients of lower quality to keep from raising our prices, But  We WILL NOT sacrifice our quality. that you know and love.  

Teas and Spices are now 6$ a bag once .Now we will still do the buy 5 get 1 free. in order to get it online you will have to email me at julie@coonhoundhollow.com with buy 5 in the subject.  Send me your order  and full name and address for shipping I will send you an invoice and get your order ready.

We have also had to raise Jelly prices also.Have you seen the cost of jars? WOW!

Jars are hard to find Our jar supplier are working hard to find jars for us. As you may  of notice we are not able to get our cute mason style jar and we are using what ever they can get for us in the same weight.

We HIGHLY encourage recycling our jars Bring them back to us for a 50c credit.

Please bear with us during this time.

We are prying that soon this crisis or supplies is over…..  

Thank you for supporting us! 

Julie , Matt and the Hounds